Good Luck

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Baby, i've been doing everything
And you've been giving nothing at all, at all, at all, yeah
It's like i put you in the game
But you're constantly keep dropping the ball, the ball, yeah
You know the odds are against
On finding good like this you know, you know, yeah
Since you're acting like a kid
I'm gonna take your favorite toy from ya, from ya, from ya-ah-ah

It's not a matter of love
It's a matter of us
I hope you'll find what you're looking for
Just when i taught it to much
It was never enough
I think you're better on your own

[chorus 2]
So good luck, good luck, good luck
I won't be waiting or saving my love for you anymore
Good luck, good luck, good luck
I hope you find it, find it, find what you're looking for

I don't know why you're chasing dimes
When you got a silver dollar at home, at home, yeah
Your gonna wish you could rewind
But you can't give back the time no more, no more, no more, no
Believe me your only hurting yourself
The grass isn't greener with anybody else
You've made the biggest mistake of your life and you know, and you know


[chorus 2]

I don't know why boys are so stupid
Playing with the girl's heart expects us not to lose it
Well i'm gone, i'm gone don't even try it
So i'm saying goodbye, for the last time


[chorus 2]

Oh, oh, oh
Find what you're looking for
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Find what you're looking for

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