Trophy Scars

Good Luck

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Children running down the street in uniforms
Laughing in the rain they were heading towards
And they were yelling about something
They were singing and clinging from the light

Tender men on attendance just like them
We'll forget about the rest
They were searching for sunlight
They were searching for gold

So why catch a fever from the inside?
Dig my hand into my pocket
Open up my wallet
Such a strange gesture to make in this town
Sure aint gold but it gets me around

Can I grab a twenty from the inside?
Can't you just smell it?
Now spend it wisely
He looks up at me then back at the ground.
I just wish he would f**kin'turn right around

Now, I have talked to myself late at night
Oh I tried to connect with the ghost who was
My best friend
My brother
My accomplice
Another writer my best man
And sometimes, I feel so forgiven at night
I just put down my shades but I open my ways for the battle that just leads me

I hear ben tell me
"brother your problems all started in the summer of '98
In Northern New Jersey later in the day
I was thinking about a distance and unaccepting fate
I was fourteen years old but what else can I say?

Even then I knew time was gonna catch me
Imagine going to a private school in the summer of '02
My first true love left me and I didn't know what to do

I moved into New York and I thought I found the truth
A plain glass full of patties and pills we shouldn't chew
Well I swore that the drugs were gonna kill me

I was wrong I was wrong I was ready for. Dont try to blame me
because she was wrong
Didn't know she was unaffected
Heard all I wanted throuh a needle
I knew that the drugs were gonna kill her

Fast forward to the fall of '05
I met the girl of my dreams and she helped me to survive
Then she left my life at a complicated time
And in March of '06 I attempted suicide
Well, I know that sudifant can't kill me

Well maybe what I'll do
Ya, I'll apologize
Sorry mom and dad I never meant to make you cry
Thanks to all my friends you're the reason I'm alive
Wonder how I'm living in this rip we call time.
Well, it will take more than bad luck just to kill me

Lins and things and birds and sounds
I've got ten years of words buried in the ground
They're being reassembled by the ghost of Benny Brown
He's attempting the screenplay even still now
And he better cast someone cool like Johnny Depp to play me

Child took my twenty and he looked me in the eyes
He said "Thanks for the gold" and continued walking by
I could see him proudly show his friends it made me want to cry
'Cuz all I could do was think of my own life lucky guy

Thank you all for everything
I miss you all
Good Night.

Autor(es): Jerry Jones / Trophy Scars

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