Good Luck Charm

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And she's so delight
my shining star
She's so dear to me yes she is yes she is
my rabbits foot my lucky charm
yes she is yes she is
whoa whoa whoa oooh

[1] - Everytime that something good happens in my life-
you're always there for me, looking good by my side-
picture you now, pulling up your panty-ho's
and you always got that sexy underwear on
so much good has come my way
since she came in my life
i'll never push you away or brush you off to the side
see girl I, I I....
see my luck has changed for the better.

See i got so much love for you in these arms-
don't you know that you're my good luck charm.
Where you are forever girl ain't no harm
And nobody else can borrow it, I wont allow it

See i got so much love for you in these arms
Don't you know that you're my good luck charm.
Lovin you forever Girl
and never do I
Wanna go without, my good luck charm

[2] - Like a rabbits foot on keys, or some lucky dice
All i want and need, i aint gotta ask twice
where would i be? what would i do
without you looking out for me?
probably be, probably be in these streets.

Without you in my life,
my future ain't the same, no.
And I'm not wanting the blame
Baby I, know i been around, I'm
tired of messing around, I
got so much love for you.


And I'd throw away this ice, and
give up my J.E. pieces-
just to get a piece of your love forever
and i knew you are a keeper
so babygirl i'm keepin you.
can't think about letting you go no no
It seems like every situation I been facing,
you know what to do to save me
So i know you bring me luck.-
So I'm standing strong like a soldier-
I know how to hold you-
i'm saying this to let you know
I got so. ooh.


See you're my yeah
see you're my
see you're my yeah
see you're my

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