Good Man

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Very few thoughts 'ill bring a tear to my eye,
But the thoughta dyin' without tellin' my baby good-bye,
Explainin' why, daddy had to go,
Believin' that's the only way she'd ever really know,
I wish I could stay with you,
See you graduate school,
Grow old 'n' gray wit' you,
See your babies 'n' their babies too,
Baby you the only proof I ever existed,
'N' there was nothin' more addictive,
Than your hugs 'n' your kisses,

You know how much I'm gonna miss this,
I wish this bliss could be endless,
But that's just senseless,
It seems as though this is the business,
Daddy was a leader 'n' people followed,
I stay so caught up in the game, I seldom see tomorrow,
A desperado, who changed diapers 'n' warmed bottles,
Perhaps I could of been a more positive role model,
But doowop I'll always love you,
Don't let nobody tell you,
Your pops wasn't no good dude, naw boo

If the sun comes up,
'N' I'm not home,
Be strong,
There's a life inside you,
Do your best to, carry on,
Tell the kids about me,
When there old enough to, understand,
Tell them that there daddy was, a good man,
A good man...

I don't know where your head was when you,
Just said “forget us,” then you,
Took my baby, home to your mamas house,
Can't even cry no mo', 'sect the fact it's over now,
I'll I can do is thank God you a good mama,
Apologize 'cuz I put you through so much drama,
But I already give you half my doe,
You should have to write half my flows,
'N' do half my shows,
I keep the lights on,
I bring the bacon home

Count the contractions,
Cut the cord,
Bring the baby home,
Three and a half karats,
'N' if you except my proposal,
I'll be that person you been searchin'
And the whole pursuit is over,
I got a show outta town,
Get my doe outta pounds

Rock my baby till she fall asleep,
Take her and lay her down,
Tell her mama I'm goin',
'N' go and sing songs,
The sun come up 'n' I'm not home,
Somethin' musta went wrong,
So be strong

This is for the good men,
That went to die in iraq,
My drug lord veterans,
That died over crack,
Convenience store clerks that get killed for nothin' more,
Than the measly contents of a register drawer,
I work to feed my seed,
Protect my offspring,
I stand here between nothin' an' everything,
On the verge of failure and success,
But I have done you an injustice

If I don't do my best,
Daddies don't get to rest,
Daddies just gotta work,
If my back begins to ache,
I guess it's just gonna have to hurt,
Cuz daddies gonna make it through the work day,
Just so I can be a hero on your birthday,
I believe the worst days almost over,
In case I never told you baby, you my little solider,
Damn girl so cute, so strong, so smart, so free,
So hard headed, yo lil' ass's just like me, uhn