Good Man, Good Woman (Duet With Bonnie Raitt)

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Hey, hey, hey, hey

Midnight, I'm wound up tight
Slowly comin' down in the daytime
I been lyin' low from work, hangin' over from the hurt from you, babe
But I'm gonna suffer through the strain 'til I get a
Better thing with you, Darlin', me and you

So hard to see so far ahead
When I can't seem to drag myself out of bed
Gotta find me a good man...a good man...a good good man...Yeah

You better stop, think about what you're saying
I was seriously dedicated in the game of playin'
You made ten thousand promises you couldn't keep
I forgave you when you lied, pleaded and weeped
I put up with your disrespect and neglect
It was an experience I will never forget!

'Til now everything I did was wrong (sorry baby)
Today we're free but we live alone
Gotta find a good woman...good woman...good woman...yeah, yeah, yeah

Hey, hey, hey, hey
It was twelve o'clock in the midnight hour

I heard the door slam and then the shower
When I got up, you were already gone
I slipped and fell from the water you left on

Gotta find a good woman
Gonna find a good man
I gotta find a good woman
Yeah, I'm gonna find a good man

I gotta find a good woman
I'm gonna find a good man
I gotta find a good woman
Oooh babe, find a good man.

Hey, hey, hey, hey

Autor(es): Cecil Womack / Linda Womack

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