Backseat Goodbye

Good Morning And Goodbye

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As if goodbye were a good thing.
You turned your head and ran.
And said "boy i hope i never see your face again".
I said "that can be accomplished, with just the wave of your hand".
And no it's not magic, it's where love becomes regret.

Won't you tell me that alright really means alright.
And that tonight's not just a waste of my time.
I wanna wake up i wanna up someday.
And be glad to be alive. is it worth is it really really worth it.
Do you wanna know you really know.
'Cause i can sure as hell tell you the truth.

If 'round in circles is the way you want to go.
I'm getting out soon, getting out so soon.
Of this town where you and i bloomed.
On the sides of roads, in the parking lots.
Good morning goodbye, good morning goodbye come back come back.
I spoke too soon.
i don't know what i want. but i don't wanna lose you.
Irrational thought is my to say. please stay. if only for a while.
Just a little while longer. I'll shower you in a pelethura of thoughts.
'Cause it seems i don't know what i have.
Until it's gone

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