Good News

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See a fat brown snake lay her eggs down in the mud
Go slipping thru the swamp now, with a poison in the blood
And a smokestack lightning, sparks are flying thru the air
And when the dust gets to settling, see it lying everywhere

This used to be God's Country, heaven on earth
Peace in the Valley but now they call it Cancer Alley
When Paradise is lost and the whole world gained
When profit is the cost of a shame shame shame shame

I've got some good news
I've got some good news
And I've got some bad news for you

Now we know what we know still you do what you do
But it cannot stand when my God is thru
For when two or more have gathered in His name, He will be there
So we listen for an answer, 'Make a way' is our prayer

I've got some good news
I've got some good news
I've got some very good news

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