God Street Wine

Goodnight Gretchen

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It was early in the morning
When I looked up and saw the time
And when I saw who lay beside me
I thought I'd lose my mind

Gretchen smiling in the grey light
Sleeping softly next to me
You looked as though you might be dreaming
So I thought I'd let you be
I said bye-bye
Girl I love you but I just can't stay
Can you tell me why, why
I got to be a thousand miles away

Goodnight Gretchen, I've got to leave you soon
We been lying here since two in the afternoon
Goodnight Gretchen, I must be on my way
But I'm gonna come back
Come back
Girl I'm gonna see you again someday

I looked into your broken mirror
Where I'd never looked before
I waited 'til my mind was clearer
And slipped on out the door

It was early in September
When I began to lose my sight
But you told me if I made it through December
You would put me right
And I said bye-bye
Arizona winters ain't too cold
Can you tell me why, why
Can you tell me why I look so old


So will you wait for me 'til April
Can you find something to do
And when you drive back to New Jersey
Will you bring me with you?

Autor(es): Lo Faber

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