Goodnight Josephine

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I remember a girl on her cellphone
Surrounded by her friends
Eyes flickering she's trying
To smother a smile in her hands
Is it someone for us
Someone more worry-free
Someone who can say
'Leave the worrying about him to me Josephine?'

I remember you there in the last rays
Of light at diplomacy's end
Eyes flickering you're crying
'But, isn't this when the crimes begin?'
When the people you want to don't
And the people who do
You don't believe
Do you Josephine?

I remember you there at the table
Surrounded by all the days plans
Eyes flickering you're trying
To let a coffee cup warm your hands
Maybe we're born lost
Born to persevere
But honey I'd walk into your painting
Until I reappeared
As a speck of comet-tail dust
A blue-green northern light
Flickering just
In your eyes' deepest ravines
Goodnight goodnight Josephine.

Autor(es): The Tragically Hip

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