The Elms

Goodnight Rosa

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Rosa, remember me *
I will gladly mind my manners if you'll hold me in esteem
and i think that in these pages there are things you'd like to read
about love and all the crazy things that it'll make a person do * well, it seems the evening's over and i need to catch a ride
and i hope the things we spoke of start to eat you up inside
don't you sleep ' til you feel okay * now i'm gonna go my way, but my hands are clean today
and for now i gotta say…
goodnight, rosa, la da da de da / goodnight, rosa, la da da de da / goodnight, rosa, la da da de da / rosa, remember me
well, the math is realy simple when you know you have a need
and you shouldn't stop for something that you know cant make you free
this is a choice that separates your life * it'll push you to your edges, you'll wanna just unwind
but you know, you seek, you find * goodnight, rosa. see ya, la de da / rosa remember…