Down By Law

Goodnight Song

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Look at you sleeping there
I couldn't love anyone or anything more
You really are my angel from heaven
So thanks, god
Wish i could tell you how much i love you
A 1,000 times a day
But i hope you can see it in my eyes
Every moment that we're awake
And every minute that i dream
I dream of you
God that sounds like such a used line
But fuck it, its true
Now most of my words are social
The human condition we all share
And i'm not very good with love songs
But i just saw you sleeping there
And i didn't want to wake you up
But i feel us so strongly right now
Thanks for being so great
And thanks for being my friend
I know it's the same for you for me
I love you
Je t'aime
When you wake up, let's make out

Autor(es): Dave Smalley