Authority Zero

Good Ol' Days

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Let's go

Watching your friends grow up around you really sucks but that's okay
'Cause I'm doing the same
The same old people that they ever were, but new problems
And new times always seem to change their smiling face, oi oi oi
Well times are changing, but not me, we'll always stay the same
We're always keeping it fun and games

I'm drinking 40s with my homies in the park, but that's okay
'Cause we'll always stay the same

Well finishing off four kegs is no easy task, but we did it anyway
On Heather's birthday
We got fucked up and laid in the grass all night into the next day
Well that's okay, go

Well I walk around these streets and see a million faces that I've never seen before
I've got my boys, and nothin's changin'
We'll drink it up, pass me a cup, and don't you fuckin' puke on me
Well that's okay, oh yeah
Ok, yeah

Yeah, oh, yeah, oh yeah, let's go

We'll drink it up, let's get fucked up
Nothing's gonna change, well that's okay
These fuckin' feelings are gonna get to me
We'll do it anyway, well that's okay

Well people don't realize that we'll always be brothers, and until then
We'll depend on one another, until tonight, how 'bout a fuckin' fight?
Why can't you understand, we're going to demand
It's gonna be alright, me and my boys tonight, yeah

Go go go, go

Autor(es): Authority Zero

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