Good Riddance

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And the clown treated us well
Like we were prizes
Like we were premium

And the clown paraded us around
So glad to know us
So damned proud of us

And the clown would feed us his food
Cooked like a gourmet
Cooked with affection

And the clown gave us a good home
It was a shelter
It was asylum

And the clown had something go wrong
A mental shut down
A synaptic revolt

And the clown had no idea why
Where were his ethics
Where were his manners

And the clown became a jag off
Full of mad hatred
Full of repugnance

And the clown took back what he had given
Destroyed our trusting
Destroyed his own life

And the clown drew into himself
Stopped interacting
Stopped even living

And now the clown is gone from our lives
Good riddance

Autor(es): The Jesus Lizard

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