Good riddance

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Friends used to warn me about you and your hidden agenda
But I would not listen and stubbornly turned a blind eye
I wanted to believe we were a match made in heaven
While all of the time you were really bleeding me dry

People like you are bad news
Now it's time to pay your dues

Goodbye & good riddance
We're much better off apart
Goodbye & good riddance
I've cut you out of my heart
Goodbye & good riddance
Mistook you for a friend
Goodbye & good riddance
Don't ever wanna see your face or hear your voice again

I'm counting my blessings now that you're out of the picture
Such an arrogance to think that you can't be missed
With every stunt that you pull you' re only sinking lower and lower
Underneath all that silly charm you're a pretty cold fish

Why don't you give up the fight
And just get on with your life

A dirty trick always has your name on it
But I just refused to see
You've made your bed so lie in it
And don't come crying back to me, me, me...

Goodbye & good riddance
To bad rubbish
Goodbye & good riddance
To bad rubbish

Autor(es): Irene Linders / Ton Scherpenzeel