Mates Of State

Goods (All in Your Head)

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This is the story with the fantastic lies
Or some facts to help us minimalize
As for this shelter I can plainly deny
But you can't kill time without injuring us

And we'll count up all the goods now

This is the girl with such fantastic eyes
Such brute creation to but lay up beside
Should cut our nails and wash up our feet
And enjoy the tedium that's yet been untried by me

And we'll count up all the goods now
There are more than you ever thought you'd own

Lift up your fingers and let's untie the string
Let's knot them all to see what this monster brings
'Cause it's real soothing with its tail in its knees
'Cause you can cry once without harrowing thus

And we'll count up all the goods now
Don't you know that they've come to be your host?

Didn't mean to skank your art
Should've never hung around us (dear)
Didn't want your money, oh baby now

When it lasted all day, we would blast it all day
We would bring it on and on

It's all in your head

Autor(es): Mates of State

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