Gareth Gates

Good Thing

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I was looking for a new direction
Gotta keep moving for your own protection
Now that kind of love just ain't enough
You turn the tables on my whole world baby
you take away all the heartache bad love gave me
Can't you see what you've done in my life?
And make that pure conection.
Changed ma whole perception of love

You're the fuel in my fire
my fever burns high
don't be scared of desire;
It's a good thing

when we come together,
you can't stop this good thing
No, you can't put it out
when we come together
try to stop this good thing
and it will burn you down

I'm kinda warming to this new sensation
cause everyday is like a revelation
just show me something i never knew about me yeah
my friends can't lead me into no temptation
cause baby you'll give me everything i ever need
fooling you make a fool out of me
(theres not a chance ill take coz ill never have to fake it with you)

there is fuel in my fire
our fever burns high
were not scared of desire its a good thing


girl you got me burnig up, got me burning burning up
and i don't no how to stop, got me burning burning up x2

Loves the fuel in our fire, and it's taking us high.
I'm not scared of desire its a good thing

Chorus x3

Autor(es): M.A.C.

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