Swingin' Utters

Good Things

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Medicate yourself,
You'll feel much better
Take those drugs again,
They'll take you higher
Smoke your cigarettes for stress
Drink more just to feel less
This must feel like paradise
But better

As if any of those squareheads
Know better
They wish they have the guts,
Glory and power
If only they could think less
Lay the pages of their book to rest
Keep our little minds open,
Feel better

We'll drink to this today,
Until it goes away
We'll pray and feel ashamed
Until another day
It's better that we're tamed
That pain will leave you lame
I'd rather be good and numb
Before I'm maimed

You're stubborn like your parents
And their mothers
You're selfless, sometimes rude
But it don't matter
They all think you can do no wrong
You've just been unlucky, you've been wronged
You're waiting for your time
Things will be brighter

They dose those schoolboys and their mothers
I'm sure they even dose each other
What's the worse that can happen, tell me brother
Why not throw in the towel and have another?

Autor(es): Darius Koski

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