Conway Twitty

Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues

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Everybody's gone away said they're moving to LA
There's not a soul I know around everybody's leaving town

Some caught a freight some caught a plane find the sunshine leave the rain
They said this town'll waste your time I guess they're right it's wasting mine

Some gotta win some gotta lose
Good time Charlie's got the blues
Bood time Charlie's got the blues

You know my heart keeps telling me you're not a kid at forty-three
You play around you lose your wife you play too long you lose your life

I'm hopin' time will ease the pain can't find a thing to ease the rain
I'd love to try and settle down but everybody's leavin' town

Some gotta win some gotta lose...

[ guitar harmonica ]

Autor(es): Danny O'Keefe

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