Good Times Bad Times

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Looking back I remember the times we've had.
And what they mean to me.
Through the good and through the bad.
We've always stood side by side.
To see each other through.
Cause I know what it's like to feel your pain.
Cause I've been there before and I'd go back again.
To keep you safe with me.
Time goes by and memories of yesterday.
Give way to new ones.
People come, people go, but this one thing I realize.
We'll always be together.
When there's to many questions.
And your troubles all surround you.
And you don't know why.
Still I'll be there.
Every time you laugh and every time you cry.
I'll never go to far away.
I'll be there by your side or just a phone call away.
Whatever distance there may be.
We know the God who watches over us never ever sleeps

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