Wade Bowen

Good Time Tonight

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I just want to have a good time tonight
I'm so tired of all the fights
All the fussing and fighting
Everything we go through
I just want to paint the town with the boys
I don't want to think about you at all
Oh, I just want to have a good time tonight

It seems that all we do
Is argue about nothing at all
You're always accusing me of things that I don't do
Maybe one day you'll wake up
And realize how good I am to you
You'll be looking for me but baby I'll be long gone

Repeat Chorus

For the first time in so long
I know I can finally live without you
Your damn good looking, but baby I just need more
We used to be so in love
I don't even know what I did wrong
So I'm gonna go out and try to drink you off my mind

Don't you try to call me up
Cause girl I don't want to talk
I know that you're just lonely
And you're mad about how I feel

Repeat Chorus

Autor(es): Wade Bowen