Chris Thompson

Good to be alive

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The sun comes up on a brand new day
There´s the sweet, sweet smell of the new mawn hay
Across the valley I can see the children play
Oh boy it´s good to be alive

The church bell rings in the market square
As the crowds roll up for the village fair
I sit in the fields and breath that country air
Oh boy, it´s good to be alive

Well I payed my dues and I took my chance
Cried some tears, had some laughs
I guess I lost my innocence, but I found my heart
Oh boy, it´s good to be alive

Though you can´t hold on to childhood
You should never lose your dreams
I payed a price for wisdom
In learning what love means

When the sun goes down and the shadows grow
As I warm myself in the fire´s glow
And I thank the Lord for bringing me safely home
Oh boy it´s good to be alive

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