Good To Me

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Mmm... good to me...
I've never known a love like this
I just can hardly believe it
And i love giving you my everything
You give me more than i needed
And thinking of the good times
Precious times that were yours and mine
That's why i can't wait to see your face
Baby, when i tell you goodbye


'cos it's a damn shame
You know you should have been good to me
You could have had everything
You know you should have been good to me
(you should have been good to me
Good to me)

The first time that i saw you, boy
You looked so good to me
You were my fantasy
Now when i remember those days
I see your wandering eyes
And the same old lies
Thought our love was heaven sent
But even an angel could not prevent
What these tears represent
Is i'm so tired of paying for your rent


Should have been good to me
Should have been sweet to me now...

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