Joe Pace

Good To Me

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Verse 1:
In spite of the sorrow, in spite of the shame.
In spite of my failure, in spite of the pain.
In spite of the heartache, in spite of the rain.

God has still been good to me.
Oh, God has still been good to me.

Verse 2:
In spite of the people and what they may say.
In spite of the many times, many times, I did not obey.
In spite of all the questions why, oh why,
in spite of cloudy days.


He's been good, so good.
Through every situation,
trial and tribulation,
He's been good, so good.


Verse 3:
Because of His mercy,
it's because of His grace, of His grace.
It's because He loves me, love me,
I can stand in this place.
It's because He's faithful,
I can finish this race.


Good to me (4x).
Good to me (4x).

Autor(es): James Moore / Joseph Pace II

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