Big Pokey

Good With the Bad

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Yeah, get it how we live, don't stop
Don't stop, let em know, ha

[Hook x2]
Take the good with the bad, the bitter with the sweet
The up's with the downs, on ass we on feet
We mash on concrete, everyday is the same
Get it how we live think it's a game, the gutter

[Mr. 3-2]
Through up's and downs, bad times and good
Most things never change, it's all the same in the hood
Boys get wiped out, and do time in the Penn
Never get to see twenty, cause they life'll end
Drama again, it's hard to stay on ten toes
So pardon the plex, and all of these fake ass hoes
The ending is sweet, sweet turned into sour
In less than a hour, real G's turned to cowards
Money and power, control what's around the state
Penitentiaries, holding the finest
But to find us, the good times always get ugly
Fucked up situations, can always turn lovely
The gutter, hopefully one day I could raise
See my life getting better, and hope my pockets get paid
Mashing on concrete, trying to see something better
On my hunt to go get it, on a chase for cheddar

[Hook x2]

[Big Pokey]
Take the bitter with the sweet, the norm with the pain
The nights with the days, sunshine with the rain
I'm at the bottom of the bucket, trying to dodge these crabs
This game got me scarred up, I'm trying to or these scabs
I run up tabs like Sprint minutes, stay on the floss
Heart of a hustler, pride won't let me lay on a loss
In the water I'm a shark, but on land I'm a boss
A bunch of money later, when the chip land in the sauce
Say I'm not the nigga to cross, I ain't that dude
I'm laid back, but I hate it banging a fool
Remember this, never bite the hand that feeds you
Cause the hand that you bite, might be the hand that bleeds you
Don't let niggas mislead you, try to lead the pack
I feed my workers, my workers feed fiends to crabs
I got circles, hard, soft, half's and packs
Better put that in a stash in stacks, for real

[Hook x2]

[Mr. 3-2]
Taking the good with the bad, happy done turned sad
The troubles of my life, make a nigga go back
With all that I had, got nothing to show for it
Get up off my ass, go get it and I enjoy it

[Big Pokey]
It's a lot of niggas, stuck in this game
Same niggas that's stuck, that's the same niggas think it's a game
We got dirty needles, aiming for veins
Sharp shooters aiming for brains, young niggas stinging for change

[Mr. 3-2]
Mash don't look back, go forward and get ahead
Staying on top of all, maintaining the big heads
The game'll never stop, and time won't quit ticking
For nobody at all, it was already written

[Big Pokey]
I heard Peruvian way but flays, move better upstate
I'll be out here longing, while niggas asleep I'm up late
It's on I'm from the Stone, I'm all out here by tough gate
Teflon chest gear, hard hat and a Tre 8

[Hook x2]