Diana DeGarmo

Go on and Cry

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What goes around
Comes back around
Seems that's the way
Heartache falls

I learned to live
Without you by my side
But I prayed
For the day you'd call

So why don't you
Lie down beside me
Open your heart
And confide in me

Go on and cry
Here's my shoulder
Why don't you try
To imagine that I even care
Go on and cry
On my cold shoulder
You left me so sad
And you hurt me so bad
It's your turn to
Cry cry cry
Over me

You say you made
A big mistake
When you threw away
The love I gave

I always knew
You'd come around again
Looking for the love
We made


Sometimes love
Is overrated
It can be so hard
To find a cure

And when a heartbreak
Is understated
It comes back around, I'm sure


Autor(es): David Foster / Linda Thompson