Alabaster Box

Go out

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Go out
Talk about the gospel of the Lord
Talk about His good news today
Save the lost soul
The bible commands yeah
To go out and preach His word
Me want you know
It's a command not an option
Preach it to the young
Preach it to the old
Preach to the rich man
To the poor one
The harvest is plentiful
But the labourers are few
Never sit down yeah
As if you are unconcerned
Depopulate the kingdom of the devil
And populate the kingdom of God
It's a call of compassion
Greatest commission, safe the lost soul
We've got a lot of trials and tribulations
He is our God, we will still stand still
The harvest is plenty but the labourers are few
Whatcha gonna do when Jah Jah call on you
Everybody say we gonna populate God's kingdom
We beg you show love to the lost so
We gonna show love to the lost soul
Ayoo! Wayoo! save the lost soul
Hear me now!
Come around me brother here we go preaching the word
Preach to everyone in the whole wide world
Preach it to the young and preach it to the old
Preach it to the great, preach it to the small
Preach it in the schools and preach it on the streets
Preach it to the North, South, East and west
Preach it, preach it