Faxed Head

Gore And Guts

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Gore And Guts
lyrics by McPatrick Head
music by Faxed Head
Congressional hearings, the apocalypse nearing
Speaker of the House: a deal with Faust

They come from all over the world to be here
Immigrants in search of a brighter hope
They come from the womb of the evil whores
Locals who sell me gloom through dope
They come from Kettleman City down the road
Pretty woman offering me Amway soap
They come to Coalinga to build the gallows
Search our stores for some good strong rope

Albert Gore has the guts
To lead this nation of goddamned nuts

From the dark abyss came a man of peace
Holding a torch aloft to fight the beast
The ice caps melted and the demons inside
Began to thaw but quickly died
Sometime soon, you'll neet to vote
Keep the faith; don't let go the coat