Goremented Visceral Reality

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Rotten body
Dead bowels putrified
Disgusting slabs of human flesh
Visible features of drowning
Deep smell of devoured carcass
Mixed with the dust on air
Psycho inhuman blistering
Points of my lunacy
Eyeballs turned in white
Flesh parts pounded faces
Most of the victims tortured brutally
Entrails smashed and putrefied
Inspires moment of zombified maggots out from surface
Tasty minced remains
Carnal tissues damaged with violent smash
Violent death
White worm colony causes superimposed fatal infection
Knifed bowels poured with burning blood
Unfulfilled urge to consume
Pathetic pathological consequence
Emotionless tissues of dead bowels
This self mutilation, mutilation beyond the gore
White eyeballs, incarnated bestiality
I'm gorging, no place to hold no place to hide, tortured
Body parts are hanging on the eternal fall
Your body is burning while you falling
From the deeples depts of eternal sodomy
Desecrate in sanity, visions of perversity, sense of lifeless agony
Dying into maggots colony