Gorespattered Suicide

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Suicide in gore...

I am so tired of my filthy life
Obscenity has always been my way

Depraved thoughts often rounded my mind
But I am proud of what I did so far

I tasted it all, any aberration
My sick mind was so unpure, I had no control
But in my life I'm not alone, I've my bloody love
Who shares my visions, my macabre lusts

Blood... an axe... a gun...
Gorespattered suicide

Necrophilia was so cold, necrophagia was...
The tasteless I could eat
Sadomasochistic sex, was a children's game...
I felt no more pain

So I decided, to commit suicide
I thought about the goriest way to end with my life
I'll shot my brains out with a gun in front of my girl
So in case I have no guts, she will chop my head off

Blood... an axe... a gun...
Gorespattered suicide

Autor(es): Dave Rotten / Juancar