Gorge Upon My Soul

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They are the vultures, sent from the harvester of souls
Born of the flame down below, infernal
Destroy the righteous and the kind
I welcome them to take my life, this night
Come demons, feed upon my soul
Summon the darkness make me whole, evil
I am your instrument of death, the reaper

Horrid blasphemies now take control,
becoming more creature than man
Spewing forth from the hell below,
possessed by demonic legions
I offer no resistance, the demons now inside
Suduced by the fire, for veil is my... Rock

Drowning beneath the tide of chaos
Tempt and corrupt me to the bone
Savage, infected, a life of darkness
Twisted, unholy, abomination

Slave to the demons
Disciple, horrifying creation
Gorge upon my soul


Autor(es): Skeletonwitch

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