Go Square Go!

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if he wants to fight you
at the school gates
half past four grab your bag
don't you be late
if he wants to hit you
hit you in the face
if he wants to hurt you
in front of your mates
if he wants you to run away
run away run away
dont you fucking run away

go square go!

dont you wait for the bell
to ring ding-a-ling-a-ling
one step forward then a
don't you make me
go down to the pub
with all my mates knowing
some individual smashed you up
its just something
that you'll have to face
face to face
man to man
here and now
biff bang pow

go square go!

i don't really feel too good
my heart is beating faster
my dad told me
not to come home
if I don't kill this bastard
my dad is right, my dad is right
my dad is right, my dad is right
win, lose or draw the fight
this bullying has got to stop tonight

here we, here we
here we fucking go

Autor(es): James Allan

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