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Gossamers gossiping
The webs you weave are blossoming
Transparent versions off your reflecting skins
Shine like diamonds and still you're worth nothing
Luminous lies may catch prey through the winter
Spring always comes with the sun to melt frost
Its fitting like your mothers you'll die crone spinsters
Me? I'm like my mother, I can live with loss.
"Hes a slithering snake, hes a liar"
Camouflaged by gardens in bloom
Just like me you'll shed your skin and start again
Sun melts the frost and hopefully dries your wombs
The truth will come collapse your webs like a levee
Not the first, last or best to soil my name
Fitting like your fathers you'll die alone and empty
Me? I'm like my father I find comfort in pain.
Gossamers go, keep gossiping
Weave your webs thin
There's warmth in knowing that I'm so cold blooded
Even if sometimes, I crawl out of my skin
I will always be fine

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