S.L.A.B. (Slow Loud and Bangin)

Gossip Flow

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(feat. Lil B, Trae, Jay Ton, Dougie D, Lil T, and Pimp Sk)

[Lil B]
I'ma swang down left-right, looking real good
Hiram-Clarke representer, represent my hood
It's understood, I'ma wreck on a track
Clack hats, making underground chumps back-back
Grab the gat, tell a nigga where the haters at
These lyrics still living, cause of that Fat Pat
So I'ma roll and stroll, and hold it down for the South
You can tell by the words, coming out of my mouth
It go down, whoa now we gon clown
Act a fool with these lyrics, when I'm fucking around
I go hard and hard, and go hard in the booth
I'm a nigga that'll knock your tooth, or teeth loose
For the respect I earned, you gon learn bout me
Do you really wanna see, the L-I-L-B
Lil B, I'll say it for you cats that's slow
Slow Loud And Bangin', still taking your toll

Musi ques, I sews on bews
I pues a twos on que zat pue zoo
My kizzer, pous zigga ay zee
It's all kizza it's always like
It' all kizza it' always like
Na zound wa zee, a zoom zoom zee

Trae hopped out the lane, wide frame on 4's
My trunk done lifted up, banging "I Got Hoes"
You never gon see me, cause my mind frame gone
And plus I got tint, that's blacker than Grace Jones
Trae be out of sight, you know that I'ma shine
And when I spit these flows, you gotta press rewind
Guerilla Maab for li', I'm hotter than twelve heaters
In Miami on a beach, with a hell of a senorita
In a galleria, I'm Burberry to the toe
And I'm walking with a limp, when I slide past hoes
With my hands on my nuts, capping on bops
My show be in the back, doing the H-Town walk
I'm a wrecker, garunteed to shut shit down
In a Lac, it's garunteed my bubble gon recline
In a sack, I'm garunteed to knock a bitch down
It's a fact I smile, the bitch niggaz go blind


It's Jay'Ton, flipping so thoed
In a wide body, sitting so low
In a fo' do', crawling real slow
Got everybody on the block, looking like whoa
It's hot in here, and dog I can't lie
Lil' Jay so fly, with hoes that go live
In a ride, I'm 17 diamonds blinding
Six in the top, you know that they shining
Sitting in a slab, you know I'm reclining
Gripping on grain, and knocking off the lining
With pyrex, please don't plex
With the S to the K, when I rep my set

[Dougie D]
Like James Brown, I make you holla out aaaah
And touch yourself, cause bitch I'm so live
Smoking on fire, engulfing a cloud and I'm high
Right now, I'm feeling just like I could fly
With J-Mo, bending corners on 20 inch tires
We stay blowed, looking like Japanese in our eyes
Hold up, tell me what you wan' do
S.L.A.B. bitch, get out the way move
D-O-U-G to the I-E
I'm keeping it funky for real, as y'all see
I'm so thoed, moving ahead like full speed
Niggaz be hating, and wanna baller block me
Can't do it, I'm like a nut that's bout to bust
I'm hard to hold, look bitch now what
Feel that, peep words of a young Mack
While fucking your bitch, in the back of a Cadillac

[Lil T]
Lil T who I be, never been a hater
Pulled up on the scene, in a drop Navigator
It's going down, in the Dirty H-Town
Young ass nigga, putting it down trying to shine
I know you know, I ain't never been a hoe
Beating up the block, with my uncle By-Bo
Fa sho hoe, that's how it's gon go
S-L-A-B, and you boys you better know

[Pimp Skinny]
Pimp Skinny, pulling up so clean
Mug on mean, and my Cadillac sixteen
24's, like I'm Fiend
Cause I'ma break off the scene, with shoot to see and the dreams
Gangsta lean, I put it down when I strut
Don't give a fuck, cause you bitches'll get touched
Now who is us, we S-L-A-B
Ain't no fucking with we, in this dirty ass industry

[Hook x2]

Autor(es): Bangin / S.L.A.B. Slow Loud

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