K Young

Go Stupid

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I say I say I say...
The dream team... (Holla)
We go dumb

I go hard like I know I'm supposed to do new come up boy please I'm coaching you
Been overseas tryna take over a coast or two now I'm back in the west (ye, ye, yay)
Tonight I'm looking for a bad one and I'm a act like I don't even have one
My girl at home waiting for me but I'll pair hotel we'll keep it low key (heyy)
Now I'm just serious I drop that? Unless ya own yo
Scratch that I just wana have fun
Let your hair down let's get dumb

Go stupid (dumb) go stupid (dumb) go stupid... Everybody leme see you
Go stupid

I'm buying bottles of patrese for a couple of friends don't hate get master cusim again wen ya'll see who ama leave with in the end ya'll gon be upset
I got my eyes on a bad one if she got a man he gon be a mad one cause my swagg neva let's me down say a few words everything turns around (heyyyy)
Now she say she feelin me wat Is gon it take cause babygirl u killin me I'm throwing 100s in the air like it's fun that's why I allow shawty let's get dumb