Hippies in the 60's

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I don´t need therapy
I don´t need Disney (to be happy)
I don´t need you to tell me
I don´t need TV (to be happy)

I don´t need to get laid
I don´t need an upgrade(to be happy)
I don´t need looks that won´t fade
I don´t need to get paid(to be happy)

Hippies in the 60's
wore flowers in their hair
I can still feel the
love vibrations in the air
Hippies in the 60's
knew money isn´t God
I wish I was there

I don´t need celebrity
I don´t need ecstasy (to be happy)
I don´t need plastic surgery
I just wanna to be free(to be happy)

Sit on a granite boulder
let the sunshine warm your skin
Turn on,turn on, drop out, drop out
tune in


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