The Restarts

Got Away With It

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Friday morning end of July, sun was shining clear blue sky,
never thought that's the day he was gonna to die,
Electrician daily commute, number 2 bus head for tube,
twenty seven years old prime of his life.

Absolution Absolution Absolution - Innocent shot dead
Absolution Absolution Absolution - They got away with it

Stockwell station fetch a free paper,
swiped his oyster payed for the fare,
as he passed through the barriers no way back,
across the platform into the train,
finds his deathbed guns being aimed,
bullets enter his body and all went black,

close surveillance cops in disguise,
trigger happy revenge in their eyes,
they never stopped him from going inside,
Gold Command authorised code red,
but they never warned him just shot him dead,
one in his shoulder and seven in his head.