Shawty Lo

Got Em 4 the Lo

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Shawty LO

Still Got Em For Da Lo
Still Got Em For Da Lo
17-5 All you Got 2 Do is Hallo
Still Got Em For Da Lo


100 Units man I sent the bitchz back
I'm prejudice but wit nothing but some white gurls
I kno you like girls yea I got girl and they all
Young 18 and under
Cold Winters Hot Summers
I can't complain the base did numbers
10 Summers no fumbles
Birth Figures like Mama
Do it big one life to live
See My Charm its bigger than his
25 a dime each year
3 felonys all I get is a year

Gucci Mane

Call My Nigga Shawty Lo he connected to the socket
I'm da middle nigga and I'm makin all the profit
6s on the shirt man I already don mounted it(Damn)
Millon dollars worth of music man I already don counted it