Richie Kotzen

Got It Bad

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you live your life through the movies
strung out on drama like a queen
act out your stories till you get home
and you fake it like its all true

she feel in love in his mercedes
with china white and malibu
just one dime bag and silver coke spoon
can turn a fantasy true

up and now your jonsin
any body holdin fight it but you still
got it bad got it bad
crawl out from the under fly into your wonder
fight it but you still got it bad got it bad

you got your picture in the paper
up town and spiked with attitude
tell all your friends you really made it
while your cookin in your bed room

she found a stairway straight to heaven
made out of foil and the heat
and had to climb it higher, higher,
until the bottom finally fell through


Autor(es): Richie Kotzen