Snow Tha Product

Got Me This Far

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I put it on mine
I own everything you see me in
I'm twice your advanced, guess that makes you intermediate
Bitches out here flexing, I guess they ain't eat they wheaties yet
But bitch I'm so good they be trying to find all the ingredients
A little dash of ghetto with a couple cups of lean
Sweet like amaretto, gutter like a glass of henn
Little prada like the devil but I guess you'll never see
Your btch on a higher level, thats really kept it this g

Everyday I hear shit about how I got to change
How I gotta adapt to the game
Ay, I know I'm stubborn, stuck I'm my ways
I called shots and that is not gonna change cause

Thats what got me this far

All by myself, just me and my add
Who'da known when I was 5 I'd get paid off my abc's
In rap all I'm in a lane ain't nobody pave for me
So this road been hella dirty but mexicans made to clean
So ive been in, making it hella sweet but I hear you talking shit
So what I bring to the table, imma eat and wash my dish
I'm humble and talk my shit cause nobody gave me a map
When I get to where I'm going fuck you I ain't going back
Cause every man in my career say my attitude is bad
Cause I'm skeptical, I question anything I fucking ask
So why would anyone get mad, if I was a man id be a boss
Cause I wanna know whats out there, every win and every loss
Every expense and every cost and every pinch and every drop
Cause everything I've ever brought, I brought the team, I swear to God
If I was doing this for me, I'd ease up a bit
But I got many more to feed, this shit's for us, ya bitch

That's what got me this far

Autor(es): Claudia Feliciano

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