Go to Bed Mad

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chorus: I think your wrong, you think your right, and all that
equals up to is a fight, let's compromise, before we go to bed
tonight. Cuz if the fight dont die before the sun rise, we may
wake up on the wrong side. Let's not go to bed mad tonight.

Monica:(verse 1)Time is tickin', my eyes are gettin' heavy but I
know we gotta squash this. So boys whats poppin', it's time for
droppin' coppin' attitudes right now. Not for nothin' cuz this
ain't nothin', don't you know that I love you. So start to stop
and think about it, you'll see its too bad to

bridge 1:argue about things thats critical, (Monica: And your
heated over nothin') and just hang up the phone, (Monica: Say I
want) wanna' talk in the morn, (Monica: Said we need a reolution
like that Aaliyah song, come on)


Tyrese:(verse 2)What time is it, I'm not on a mission to stay up
wit you all night. It makes me so sick to my stomach, every time
we argue and fight. I mean it girl my head gets light (it just
ain't right)I'm there out of pleads, Its 2:15 in the mornin',
there is no need, baby.

bridge 1: argue about things thats critical, (Tyrese: and your
heated over nothin')and just hang up the phone, (Tyrese: I want)
wanna' talk in the morn, (Tyrese: Said we need a resolution like
that Aaliyah song), (Monica:
Come on , come on)Oooooohhhhh.

Tyrese: I'm not trying to be mad at you, why you make me wanna
not fool with you, can't you see I'm tired girl.
Monica: Besides the fact it's a quarter past 2, a girl like me
got things to do. So lets see eachothers point of view, point of


Monica:Yeahhhh babaaayyyyy
Tyrese:I don't wanna fight
Monica:I don't wanna fight
Tyrese:Even if its 3:00 in the mornin'
Monica:I don't care what time no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no
Tyrese:I don't need these arguements, I'd rather make sweet love
Monica:Lets make sweet love, make sweet love
Tyrese:Cause theres nothin' like havin' a good arguement,and
rollin' over and makin' sweet love to ya, babaaaayyyy
Monica:Ohhhh Oh Oohh Oh
Tyrese:All this ups and downs
Together:In and outs
Monica:I don't wanna see you go
Tyrese:Cause I just wanna love you babe, I place no one above
Together:you babay
Tyrese:Cause your the only one for me
Tyrese:Lets not
Together:argue my babaaaayyy
Tyrese:Everything you want and need
Monica:You are everything and everything is you
Tyrese:(background)Your my baby, come and take my hand, I got
you babe, let me be the man you want in your life babe

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