Go-To Girl

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Some like it hot

Last born of a fire horse

First to be what i'm not

But my blood runs it's own course

Like flint and powder must ignite

It's chemical, earth and sky

I don't ask questions, i don't ask why


I would hold you, circle and surround you

Take you in my arms never let you go

I would've told you the second that i found you

I would stop my whole world to be your go-to girl

You spring the flood

That drowns me as i burn

You wield the unholy lesson

That won't teach until i learn

Every season, everything

Turns and changes, sun and rain

I'm so frustrated. i am so contained


And i feel this love's gonna heal me

And i feel this love's gonna heal me

Spirit, matter, heart and soul

You, me, god, who's in control?

I don't have answers will i ever know how to


I feel this love's gonna heal me

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