Go To Hell

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if you steal you cheat, you lie you fight
party with the women staying out late at night
and you give up church and you give up prayer
and have a goatee and grow long hair
if you're rude and crude and lude
and run around half naked in the nude
and you listen to that darn rock and roll
i swear, i swear

you're gonna go to hell, go to hell
you're gonna go to hell
hell is a place and it ain't that swell
I'm telling you boys, you're all gonna go to hell
you're gonna go to hell, go to hell
you're gonna go to hell
I hope you look good with horns and a tail
I'm telling you boys you're all gonna go to hell

well hell it ain't great it ain't that keen
the people ain't nice they're downright mean
they don't help old ladies across the street
or say "howdy do" to everyone they meet
and it's really really hot it ain't that cool
a lake of fire and brimstone instead of a pool
you better pack your bags with lots of shorts
and tons of tank tops too because

elvis is the devil himself
as he shimmy shakes his rear end quakes
across the stage that makes all the girls swoon and swirl
so if you shake that booty when you're dancing
like elvis does with ants in his pants
and you're a low-down, i said a good for nothing
a dirty rotten stealing lying cheating son of a gun

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