Go To It

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I was down at the disco, I saw him straitaway.
How he slunk around - all alone
OK, OK, the guy was quite cute
I wanted to get near him, I wanted him to see me

Go to it, go to it
Closer, closer
Closer and closer
Go to it
1 2 3 go! Go, go to it

My knees turned to jelly, my head was hot as him
How he stared at me!
OK, OK, something's got to happen
The music makes it happen

Go to it, go to it
(when you're horny go to it)
Go, go
(Then it'a all ok, it's all ok - yeah, yeah)
Go, go
(when you're horny go to it)
Go, go
(Then it's all ok, it'a all OK)

I pounced at him
He pounced at me
We touched - Amazing!
I said SORRY, and HI, I'M ROSI

Go to it, go to it, closer and closer
go to it, 1 2 3, go!
Go to it? Go to It!
(When you're horny go to it)
Go, go!
Then it's all OK...

Autor(es): Nina Hagen

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