Got Paper

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I'm the don, I didn't have no date to the prom
But I showed up with than 1 princess on my arm
When it comes down to the rims that I pick to roll
It's like a playbook play I just pick and roll
I made mother nature wet when I grabbed her ass
Now screens fall like rain on my woodgrain dash
They should make me the official 20 inch spokes man
Cause what them lil kids say when they see the spokes maaaan
Koopas a punk they ain't no thoughts offend
Make you use your tongue with no water to wash te sink
He's a gun carrier, stun berrier, dem derrier
Funny like eddie murphy or jim carrier
If I wasn't the best and it was you they picked first
That's like runnin past juvenlie going get turf
Hold up, you need to get your priorities straight
The only ice you got is ice only the bar is gon take
And since I don't trust you and you don't trust me
Call bubba sparx it's bout to get ugly
When I come with elbows poking out my vogues
Do the math who gon get left with all the ugly hoes
You, cause all the fine women is coming to me
I'm not a minute man cause your woman is cummin in 3
Ya got if ya owe me it ain't nothin to me
If you don't pay then you can get some trouble for free
I'm not the fresh prince, carlton or phillip banks
But I make enough cash deposit to fill up banks
I know that I say that I impress myself
I'm the god of rap so I'm bout to bless myself

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