Got Smile Sticking

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Sit down in a corner of black room, he was used by the life
His whole memories reminded him, he was slaved by his life
I am not afraid of you! Even if you are pulling you down
Forever struggle through your time...

Forever betrayed and forever misled
Your life is made of illusions
You are blind with rage and alone in the dark
With a smile sticking...
Self destructive glory / Got smile sticking
Self destructive ideas / Got smile sticking

Your fictive smile's taking control
Your journey is so dark and so cold

A total perdition of all senses
A total perdition pf what you believed

Nobody should decide for yourself!
Don't become what you don't wanna be
Self destructive glory...

You're stealing your every heartbeat
And you're raping all of your dreams!
Until you fall down dead...

Forever struggle through your time...
Forever rooted in your sadness!
Forever slave! Forever betrayed!

Don't become a shadow of yourself
Leaving this life without senses
Now you've got the chance to break your chains
Accept your feelings show on your face
And let your distress escape by your tears
And accept your dreams become reality

A total perdition off all senses...

Autor(es): Destinity

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