Got Some Nerve

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dont talk to me

today is not the best day
to get into my way
tomorrow wont change
that situation anyway
to really talk to me
is taking so much more
todays just like
the day before

i know its hard
to get the point
when you dont listen
i know you wouldnt
understand what i am missing
and what you havent got
is what you cant provide
it doesnt matter how hard you try

dont talk to me

i know youve got your own life
so why do you borrow moments out of mine
go ahead and spoil your fragile life
but please dont waste my precious time

youve got some nerve
to call our relationship a wave - length
when i dont even wanna talk to you
my silence should have taught you
the lessons you cant learn
i tell you once again
we are through

we are through

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