Hit And Run

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Coming from another time and place
I’m feeling so alienated
Wishing you were never born
Drop the bomb I’m a nervous wreck
Drinking like I’ve never seen a person
Ever die from this before
Go and leave me all alone
It’s getting harder to go outside
It’s getting harder to open up my eyes
Feels like my body’s on fire
I wanna run but I’m so damn tired
I wanna see heads explode
I wanna hear a blast of silence
Everybody saying I’m wrong
I just want you to sing along
Hit and run turn around escape
Hit and rum I’m leaving this world behind
I’m gonna go down this time
One last flash to the back of my mind
Hit and run I don’t wanna know the answer
Of this of that
I’m tired of trying

Autor(es): Krum Bums

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