Hittite Dung Incantation

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You come to me
Because you believe I can cast off demons
To ward off the evil eye
To nullify some sick sorcery that is upon you

I mix the dung of a dog
Foul canine excrement
With barley flour
Smear it on your shoulders
Cast it from you
And feed it unto you

I have removed the demon Algalmati from you
I have pushed the demon Annamiluli from your skull
I have extinguished fire from your brow
And ignited it in the sorcerer's head

I have driven away the stench of the dog from you
But the dog's excrement
The dog's flesh
The dog's bones
You must utterly consume
Lest the dog's shade
Thinks it may yet return
And will not rest
Relentlessly tormenting you
All the rest of your days

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