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Hobo oh oh bum bum bah blue hobo
Bummin' round oh lonesome hobo

I saw a freight train leavin' town
A lonesome hobo was bummin' it down
I wonder if he knows which a way that train goes
Oh hobo oh oh blue hobo bummin' round oh lonesome hobo
[ guitar ]
I met a lady just down the street
And she asked me by chance if I happened to meet
A ragged little guy with no shoes on his feet
That was the hobo oh oh that I saw
With his roll on his back he caught a train just down the track

She said she had made the mistake of her life
When she no longer said she would be his true wife
And the babies keep crying for their daddy each night
Oh hobo oh oh please come back they still love you blue hobo

Autor(es): Benny Martin

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