Gotta Hustle

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Shout out to my nigga that put me in the game at an early age
Showed me how to hustle
I won’t disclose his name
No need to debrief
But i’mma be real brief with this shit right here, mane
Shout out to all the real hustlers around the world
Get your money, man
Ya dig?

(i gotta hustle) ‘cause i need it, man you know i want it
From the nickles to the dubs, to the 50s, to the 100s
(i gotta hustle) baby boy need a new winner
And my wifey on my line wanna take her out to dinner
(i gotta hustle) and on top of that
I just bought a brand new cadillac
With the sun rooftop, put diamonds in the back
Pocket full of money, with some diamonds on my neck
Man, i gotta hustle

I gotta put some money in my pockets
Still hatin’ on the nigga, tell cuz he better stop it
Five stacks and my stacks all profit
Cali kush in my blood, bout to spark it
You ain’t down to take a risk, that’s some mark shit
I’m selling dope by my new bitch apartment
We comin’ up, now these busters wanna start shit
Caution for your melon, i’ll squash it
I gotta hustle, you see my kids rootin’ for me
I wish you would tuck me boy, my niggas lookin’ for me
And guess what, i don’t even tell ‘em do it for me
But do a nigga wrong, watch him start shootin’ folk
Bomb shit, if i tell her she gon do it for me
That’s my bottom bitch, she love to give me your money
I gotta get it, what you think i stand for?
Wake up on my hustle, i ain’t playin’ boy

I stay up in the mix
I’m worried about my money,
You worried about a bitch
Sucka nigga, get some money nigga
Word around the town that d-dime’s a hustler, nigga
Uh, slippin’ through the cracks of life
I hit the weed once, then i pass her like
I’m really fucking with it, i’m on some boss shit
Be kicked up, eatin’ lobster and shrimp
I got my business cup, gotta walk in the strip
Overseas bitches, talking in french
They might not understand the flow
But they understand the chips
You never seen a motherfuckin’ hustler like this
Ha, ha, where was i? oh yes
The world is a bitch so i got her selling sex
Blammer underneath, extra clip around my sweats
Hustle like my uncles, nigga, i ain’t rich yet
Let’s get this money, nigga

I gotta hustle hard, youngin rep the pound
Young pilot been around, yeah it’s going down
Serve it by the pound, i’m tryin’ to double bubble
Hbmg, my dog pound brothers
Fly life g’s, what a nigga rep
I’m tryin’ to get rich, my chips with dip
On the freeway, hot box the whip
Got the car from the dog, now we chillin’ n shit
Young pilot go to school, ab i rip
Keep the weed lit, serious pimp
Take flight and i land on the stage or the strip
Like d-dimes, catch us 80 shrimp
I walk with a limp, tryin’ to stack my paper
Take flight bitch, i’mma fuck in the scraper
Got bitches blatant, goin’ hard
My goons, yeah they come stomp your yard for this paper

I gotta hustle
I gotta hustle
I gotta hustle

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